Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I learned during spring break

1.      There isn't enough time not to snuggle.  Soon she will be embarrassed to say "I love you" and give public kisses and cuddles.  Soon she won't want to climb up on the arm of my chair while I'm working to snuggle with me.  Or ask me to come into her fort and read with her.  Nothing is so important that I can't stop and enjoy a snuggle with my baby.

2.      Having a temperature of 104 and barely being able to sit upright much of the time means the house is going to get messy and you're not going to be able to clean it.  Get over it.

3.      A trip to the ice cream shop for a $2.00 scoop of ice cream is just as special, if not more so, than a considerably more expensive trip to Disney.  Especially when I forget my smart phone. 

4.      I need to forget my smart phone more often.

5.      There is no such thing as enough pictures and videos.  You never know what tomorrow will hold, and it may be all you have (more on that later...maybe).  Don't apologize for being amateur paparazzi for your kids.

6.      We have a serious need to simplify our lives.  We have too much "stuff".  Not just physical stuff, though there is that, but time stuff.  Due to a serious flu bug, we were homebound for much of this week.  It may sound strange, but I enjoyed it.  Not the flu part...that blew.  But spending hours reading to Lily and listening to Harry Potter on tape and doing crafts and snuggling made me realize that I don't take enough time to do those things.  It seems like we are always rushing somewhere (and we are most often running late...yes, I am *that* mom) and I realized that, while I enjoy being busy, I miss those quiet times we used to have to just be.  I realize with homeschool, working from home, Lily's extracurricular activities, and my dance classes and musical theater (more on that later), we barely have time to just enjoy each other lately.  And when I don't make time for the little things, I miss out on awesome moments like this:

And on that note, here is a wonderful little post I stumbled across.  200 Ways to Bless your Children with a Happy Childhood. 

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mad white woman said...

I have had so many of these same thoughts. I've had to totally rearrange work this week because Hazel has been horribly sick and as much as I hate it, I too love that it gives me more "simple" time.